Hello, I’m happy to see you here! Let me tell you a little about myself and this blog (or at least my intentions, thus far).

I’m Kristen.

I’ve had a few blogs in the past. They have all been personal, sometimes ramblings, and lots of pictures. In 2014 I suffered from my first known miscarriage. I found solace in blogging at that time and was able to connect with other women who knew exactly what I was going through. When I suffered from my last two miscarriages, I began to suffer from postpartum depression and shut down almost completely. I logged off social media, deleted the apps off my phone, dug a hole and built up walls.

I’m still trying to break down the walls.

In January of 2016 our rainbow baby arrived! He was itty bitty but healthy and happy. We are the happiest little family of three.

Each day has had at least one new lesson. I’m learning so much about motherhood and what works for us. I’m learning who my son is, what he likes, what he most certainly doesn’t, and all there is in between. I’m learning what being parents does to a marriage, how it strengthens our bond, but also, what happens when no one has slept well in days. I’m learning about myself, and that’s been the hardest part to cope with at times.

Like I said before, I’m Kristen. I’m a happy wife, a boy mom, a survivor of infertility and pregnancy loss, and a lover of coffee. There’s not a whole lot else I’m sure about myself right now, and that’s okay.

Somewhere in the journey to motherhood, and then the ongoing journey of motherhood, I’ve lost a bit of what defines me. Fueling each day with coffee, I’m here to share my story, support others (mom, non-mom, and want-to-be moms alike), and hopefully learn to support myself – judgement aside, encouragement and positivity ahead.

Would you join me for the journey?